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I saw Ray in Philadelphia two nights ago...

He played the Tower Theatre. I can't find the setlist online anywhere. It's frustrating cause my memory sucks and I can't remember everything he played and in what order. But here's a list of songs I know he did:

'I'm Not Like Everybody Else'
'20th Century Man'
'Sunny Afternoon'
'Dead End Street'
'Tired of Waiting for You'
'Animal Farm'
'Picture Book'
'Johnny Thunder'
'The Village Green' (amazing!)
'Oklahoma, U.S.A.'
'Come Dancing'
'All Day and All of the Night'
'Lola' (this was an encore)
'You Really Got Me' (another encore)

I think he did a few more from 'Muswell Hillbilly' but I forget :(

He also did the following new songs:

'The Morning After'
'After the Fall'
'The Tourist'
'The Getaway (Lonesome Train)'
'Creatures of Little Faith'
'Stand Up Comic'
'Next Door Neighbour'

The show was amazing! I'm young and never got a chance to see the Kinks perform live, so this was soooo exciting for me! Ray was really funny too, he made some sort of joke about replacing Dave as a back-up singer on the tour. He wanted someone with a similar range and style (I think is what he said), so he hired a woman, heh. Anyway, if anyone knows where I can find a definitive setlist, then I'd be really happy. Thanks!
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